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You made it!

2high4life is for all of you. We are a community, a group, a crew and a family with some redonkulas designs to keep you looking fresh. You will find us all over the internet. We took over periscope now find us daily on live.me - go download it now!

2high4life Bigbadwolfxxx
2high4life Pics by the BigBadWolfxxx

Woah the BigBadWolfxxx has been working hard for you guys, we love them! So we thought lets get them on the site - why wouldnt we!

Check out our live.me page right now!

Babes of 2high4life

Oh yes the babes of 2high4life is back everyone. Make sure to check them out and find them on live.me. Be nice as these girls bite!

Babes of 2high4life

2high4life Gallery

Wow you guys are crazy, check out all the 2high4life fan work on gallery right now. We are working on collecting these, email us!

2high4life Gallery

2high4life Jdiddy Themesong

Jarrod aka Jdiddy made us a song, We love every line except one, Jarrod!! but... we have a sense of humour so its cool!

2high4life Theme song by Jdiddy82

2high4life Tattoos

Yes you read that right. Check out the 2high4lfe real worl actual tattoo! I know thats crazy right?


2high4life Tattoos


Jay meets a real world zombie'

Real life LA zombie attacks as jay is minding his own business - is that guy human?


2high4life Krew

Whos behind the scenes? Whos behind the camera? who does my email go too? who is 2high4life?

Come check us out

In the words of Jay 'Join us'

2high4life is for all of you, Add 2high4life in your display names. It only takes adding 2high4life to join the madness.


we are working on our 2h4l Membership

2high4life on Live.me
2high4life on Periscope

Watch as The HookerHunter (whom cannot be revealed for legal reasons) patrols the streets of Los Angeles California

The Hooker Hunter



Perfect Blunt time stories..

Storytime with Jay


Your perfect insight into the mind of a marvel. A selection of the best moments captured on film.

50 Shades of Jay



Live music with 2high4lifetv


2high4life Live


Did you miss the 2high4life wedding of the year?

2high4life wedding

2high4life is a way of life, a motto if you like

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