What is 2high4life?

2high4life is a way of life, a motto if you like. While many members are smokers this isnt just what we are about. We strongly believe you can be high on anything life has to offer. Highs come in many shapes and forms either smoking or skydiving. Whatever your vice is, you'll be warmly accepted into our family.


Do I need to smoke to join?

Oh hell no! We accept anybody and everybody into our family. All we ask is you support each individual members choices and not judge them for it. After all choices are personal to us individually and we dont know each persons circumstances or story.


How do I join 2high4life?

If you would like us to follow you back simply add 2high4life or 2h4l to your name. You can find all our hosts personal pages on the 2high4lifetv link above.


Can I host on your channel?

Stick around, we will let you get on our 2high4lifetv1 channel in the first instance to let you get a feel for the members and so your time live isn't rushed. As people get to know you and see what your about we will discuss switching you to the main channel. Not all applications for the main channel are succeessful due to demand.